VN5 Electric Van

Meet the streetwise, range-extended electric van from LEVC.

VN5 offers all the benefits of an electric commercial vehicle – and none of the downsides.

Capable of true zero-emissions transport, operators can comply with even the strictest clean air zones, while the on-board range-extender completely removes range-anxiety.

This is the electric vehicle your business deserves: one that future-proofs your operations while meeting your needs today.


    With a fully electric drive train, innovative eCity technology offer true zero-emissions capability, while at the same time eliminating range-anxiety and lowering operating costs. LEVC products are classified as Range-Extended Electric Vehicles (REEV). In essence, they are Battery Electric Vehicles – driven exclusively by electricity – that feature an additional on-board generator (a small 1.5 litre petrol engine), known as a Range-Extender. Always electrically driven, there is no connection between the Range-Extender and the electric Drive Motor. 

    The VN5 is a professional vehicle that works as hard as its operator. It is designed and manufactured to minimise downtime, maximise practical value to fleets and businesses, and be ready to drive whenever – and wherever – you are. With over 60 miles zero-emission range* and a full day’s total extended range of 304 miles, VN5 removes the need to interrupt journeys or switch vehicles, even during multiphase operations including both intra- and inter-urban legs. 

    LEVC VN5 is the only electric van which can be specified with both Chademo and Type 2/ CCS charging ports. The VN5 boasts market-leading charging capabilities as standard on all variants, with access to slow, fast and rapid charger points. Recharge your vehicle from 0-100% in approximately 30 mins using its 50kW charger.


The worlds first electric campervan.

LEVC debuts first impressions of its e-Camper, a new electric campervan. Launching Late 2021.

The new e-Camper offers both flexibility and freedom and also meets the growing demand for independent, self-contained holidays. e-Camper is optimised to offer both zero-emission capability with zero range anxiety – making it the perfect way to explore the great outdoors with the benefit of low environmental impact. 


  • Always electrically driven - 304 miles (489km) Total Flexible Range
  • Over 60 miles (98km) pure EV range
  • Sleeps four and features include pop-up roof and deployable table
  • Zero carbon footprint on the campsite with integrated electric kitchenette

* Pure EV (electric-only) range 60.9 miles. Pure EV range City 75.8 miles in accordance with EAER Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) figures (October 2020).

Flexibility and space are key attributes. The new LEVC e-Camper includes sleeping accommodation for four, an integrated electric kitchenette, pop-up roof (incorporating sleeping for two) and a central folding table. In addition, the campervan includes a second-row bench seat, which folds into the second double bed.

With a class-leading tight turning circle, e-Camper is also easy to manoeuvre in any environment. When owners set up camp, they can swivel the first-row seats through 180 degrees and slide the second row back, creating enough room to dine and socialise around the deployable table. The pop-up roof creates standing room space for both the living and cooking areas and a single large sliding door makes entry to and exit from the living area easy.

For outdoor leisure activities such as mountain biking and surfing, e-Camper will support a range of proprietary racks. The innovative e-Camper also boasts distinctive exterior design with styling cues inspired by LEVC’s TX electric taxi, a wide choice of paint colours, with coloured bumpers and alloy wheels, to stand out from the conventional campervan crowd.

TX Electric Taxi

The worlds most advanced electric taxi.

Modern cities deserve a modern taxi service. Meet TX, the electric black cab.

The instantly recognisable black cab has had its biggest transformation in 70 years. Now, as the green, electrically-powered TX taxi, it’s reducing emissions in cities while delivering substantial savings for operators – as well as all the benefits we’re used to from an Icon city cab.

If you’re looking for the best electric vehicle for your taxi service, consider the sustainable credentials and commercial benefits of TX from LEVC.


    TX boasts the most flexible and fastest charging options, giving drivers marketing-leading charging capabilities. LEVC products offer market-leading charging flexibility, with the ability to be configured with both Chademo and Type 2/ CCS charging ports, operators benefit from greater usability and choice. Drivers can recharge 80% of the battery during a quick 30 minute* lunch break – that’s the equivalent of 50 miles electric range -ideal for topping up the battery during the day. Unlike other electric vehicles, the dual on-board inverter chargers in LEVC electric vehicles allow drivers to harness the full charging rate available – meaning the vehicle can use all of the available current to recharge the battery quicker.

    TX benefits from first-in-sector construction techniques which deliver unrivalled longevity and durability.  Harnessing technology proven in the aerospace and motorsport industries, LEVC deploy first-in-sector construction techniques which unlock new levels of durability, weight and lifespan. Unlike competitors built from conventional steel, LEVC products are built upon an anodised aluminium monocoque. The aluminium components are glued together using an incredibly strong hot cure adhesive. The glue remains dormant until the entire structure is baked in an oven at 180°C for 20 minutes. Once cured, the adhesive becomes rock solid, turning the frame into a single, remarkably rigid structure.

    TX is designed to be inclusive and accessible for all customers. Put simply, it’s our most accessible taxi ever. The easy to use, strong ramp offers easy access for wheelchair passengers. Entry is further aided by the shallow ramp angle of just 11 degrees (to a typical kerb). Prominent lips to each edge help to ensure the wheelchair’s trajectory and prevent the wheels from leaving the ramp.

Other features include:

  • Intermediate Step: The integrated wheelchair ramp houses a clever folding mechanism which quickly transforms it into an access step, reducing the step height by half enabling passengers to exit the vehicle with greater ease.
  • Swivel Seat: Sometimes restricted mobility impacts the ability to twist so to provide easier entry and exit. An easily accessible swivel seat pivots outside the vehicle for better access.
  • Induction Loop: Once inside, the digital intercom features an induction loop, allowing hearing aid wearers to hear the driver clearly, the channel is also marked on both sides of the vehicle with visible labelling. 

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